Saturday, July 31, 2010

JAYSUN's debut single "Sudden Change" feat. PISMO on iTunes now!!!

JAYSUN, the multi-talented emcee/producer hits with his Shou Records debut single "Sudden Change" featuring hip-hop aficionado, PISMO. Produced by BEATHEAD, "Sudden Change" is a head nodding track that pays tribute to the real hip hop movement. JAYSUN rhymes with a tenacity like no other while PISMO anchors the track with exceptional wordplay. The B-side, "F.U.M.C’s" is produced by PISMO and is out of this world. "F.U.M.C’s" starts with a “speak and spell” phrase then hits with violins and hard drums to make your body shake. JAYSUN attacks this song with excellence & precision. Beware! This universal MC from the West is rough, ready & willing to bring a "Sudden Change" to the game. Be sure to pick up the new single on iTunes here.